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      LIVE BLOGGING: LOST Panel Begins Here in 5 Minutes
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      LIVE BLOGGING: LOST Panel Begins Here in 15 Minutes

      NOTE: To stay up to speed updates will come any moment, so please keep refreshing.

      10:40 Scheduled to Appear Damon Lindelof (DL), Carlton Cuse (CC), Michael Emerson (ME), Jorge Garcia (JG)

      Rumored: Josh Holloway (JH) and Nestor Carbonell (NC)

      Other Cast Members at Comic Con (Elizabeth Mitchell, Dominic Monaghan, and Ian Sommerhalder

      10:50: Damon and Carlton Name Cards NOW Placed

      10:55 Name cards in center of panel with 3 mics on each side!

      11:00 Crowd begins clapping in anticipation

      NOTE: Not all questions will be written down due to speed of answers.

      WiFi Issues again

      Lost Dharma Init Video Shown - Something about an 80s TV Show by Dharma Init (Looks for

      11:15 Darlton show clip of fan made videos and content!!

      Jack Sawyer Brokeback Mountain video shown!!

      Darlton talking about not making up the show and want to prove it now! Contract on paper, Carlton pulls it from his ankle.

      11:17 Final pages of LOST are taken out

      Lockbox show on counter, last two pages placed in lockbox.

      Night of of Finale they will open box on Jimmy Kimmel.

      One fan will win lucky prize if they say the "Secret Word"

      11:19 Q&A Begin

      1) Parallel with S1 and S6 - DL confirms many characters from season one!

      CC: Says there is a way of discovery that they will have in play in S6

      2) Fan says everytime on plane he wishes the plane would crash. LOST Inspired art shown by fan. Polar bear with Darlton made from velvet!!

      11:24 3) Faraday will he have children?

      CC says he is dead and if you like zombie weddings then maybe you see or if Jack's plan worked then maybe?

      Faraday confirmed for S6!!

      4) S6 is planned different. Time travel season is done, flash forward season done.

      5) LOST Title Theme Song by fan: Winners from San Diego and they will be playing it with some video.

      11:30 Three LOST related commercials. Mr Clucks, with Jorge, America's Most Wanted with Kate

      6) Jorge Garcia is in fan line to ask a question!! He questions Jack's reset plan and says it is not fair. He then says last time you asked me to trust you, that Nikki and Paulo were awesome

      Darlton confirms will answer all major questions.

      Michael Emerson appears and asts as Ben to torture Jorge!! AND Says DUDE!!

      Now ripping him and Jorge pretends to get mad and want to fight

      11:35 OMG they are going back and forth this is awesome....!! Making fun of each other but ME is totally playing Ben. About to show ME's audition tape as Hurley!!

      7) Question regarding Richard Flashback!!

      CC confirms his backstory and we will see quite a bit of him. DL: FB will be see and is fairly involved

      8) Confirm Elizabeth Mitchell will be a part of Season 6!!

      9) Bob Stencil appears and pretends to have nose bleed and says he needs his Constant and brings out Dharma beer.

      10) MIB name is questioned.

      Emerson answers when asked if Esau and says he likes the way the fan is thinking.

      11) Question about Nestor!!

      He is shown on screen backstage getting eyeliner!!!

      Here comes Nestor!!

      12) Stuart (Hurley Look Alike) appears

      DL Confirms they will try to answer food drops

      11:45 13) 2nd Hurley looks alike appears.

      Dharma Init will be minimized in S6. DI will be on DVD with new secrets.

      Secret Word Revealed as Claire!!

      Statue of Claire's pigeon brought out with ACTUAL Note form show given

      Jacob has NOT appeared as another character on the show.

      Here we gooooooooo

      Sawyer clip being shown!

      Sonavbitch! Josh appears! Josh tazers Damon because he has the key and calls Carlton Lurch and calls Damon JJ Abrams and pretends to not know who he is.

      Calls Damon Carlton's girlfriend Linda.

      Box being opened!!

      Michael Emerson makes fun of Josh that he can't read! Michael reading

      Apex of tent falls down.....

      He is reading a clip of Heroes and says WTF is this!!?!?!??

      Darlton thank crowd and clip shown of LOST Memories 0f All death scene clips:

      Gary Troup, Greg Grunberg (Pilot), Arzt. Frogurt. Roger, Mr Friendly, Ethan, Ana Lucia, Libby, Niki andPaulo, Karl, Danielle, Alex, Shannon, Boone, Charlotte, EKO!!, Michael, Faraday!!, Charlie CLIPS!!


      Crowd goes crazy all hug!!


      Thanks for and pics to follow from ALL sources across Comic Con...!

      Thanks Damon and Carlton!

      Source: The ODI

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