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      LIVE BLOGGING: Dexter Comic Con Panel
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      LIVE BLOGGING: Dexter Panel Starts Any Minute

      4:50 Let all your Dexter friends know live blogging will start soon!!

      5:05: Still waiting

      5:10 Sneak Peek on

      Dex./Rita living the happy life, but he does not have time to "kill"

      Benito Gomez is his new kill. Couple quick scenes of Dex tired and yawning.

      First look at John Lithgow.

      Too much to really type but it looks amazing!!

      John Lithgow: says it is great being with cast, that it was like the "first day of school and they were all so nice"

      Only regret is that the has not worked with them yet, because he lurks and stalks

      5:15 Cast is announced and on stage.

      Crowd goes crazy after congrats on getting Emmy Nominations.

      Michael C Hall: Says it is crazy that there bobbleheads of all of them

      What impact did strike have on show when it was on CBS?

      - It was a positive impact as there was no programming and being on CBS led to more eyes that then turned on to Showtime.

      Julie Benz says it is great to have John on because it makes the whole cast raise their game.

      How far end did you plan for show?

      Sara Colleton: Thrilled to get just the pilot and had no idea that it would be so successful and BOOM it turned into Dexter.

      As long as Dexter explores new areas of his human behavior the show will stay fresh

      Dexter webisodes announced - Called "Dexter: Early Cuts"

      Q&A Begins:

      What other character would you play?

      JB says she would play Deb because she swears.
      Jennifer Carpenter says Dex, because she would like to see how it is to

      JB says it has been great to play

      Will the baby have any signs of Dex?

      not yet

      Is there a way to keep the big bad guy alive at the end of the season?

      They will try to change it this season and that they are always looking "to up the game"

      Each season has had a theme and they will accommodate main villain into it.

      Lithgow jokes about getting a sex change.


      To Michael: How do you balance a funy but really scary character?

      Thanks to the writers, but it is a "thrill" to play such a character. Voice over element really helps the audience.

      Is science/forensics aspect going to be covered more?

      This is mainly a show about "characters" not a procedural

      5:32 - Producer does not remember initial online campaign which was something about you being able to send something about killing someone you know...and crowds laughs.

      They talk about international markets and how it has been so welcomed.

      Another question about being cool calm serial killer?

      Says just a matter of being able to follow Dex's dad's code and he is able to internalize the emotions.

      Dex and his dad will have scenes together this season as well.

      Julie Benz said that when she first started acting that she wanted to get into romantic comedies, but very happy she is not.

      Sorry all battery is super low so switching to the video camera for the rest and will post later....

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