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      Doctor Who - Panel Recap
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      The Doctor has landed in San Diego for Comic-Con.

      David Tennant felt the love at his first-ever Comic-Con, alongside "Doctor Who" writer/executive producer Russell T. Davies, executive producer Julie Gardner and Euros Lyn, director of the "Doctor Who" special "Planet of the Dead" to air on BBC America Sunday night.

      Tennant pumped up the crowd, raising his hands triumphantly and sporting a Comic-Con friendly bedazzled Imperial Stormtrooper t-shirt. Though a tad blurry, check out the (blurry) photo of Tennant:

      The teaser trailer for the Christmas 2009 finale elicited whoops and cheers, the loudest for Donna (Catherine Tate) and the return of The Master (John Simm). Oh, and the good doctor gets all action-hero-y as he grimly walks away from a flaming explosion behind him.

      Although the panelists were supposedly there to hype up Sunday's "Planet of the Dead," the session really just devolved into shouts of "We love you!" and "Why are you leaving?" and debunking various rumors.

      Cannot confirm:
      - Garder disillusioned the fans that there was going to be an announcement about a Doctor Who movie, although she added: "It made us think that it might be good to do at some point. Is this something that you want?" Uh, the ringing in your ears after the deafening cheers sounds like a "yes."
      - Although Tennant admits to being a fan of "Firefly" and "Serenity," he says his wearing a long brown coat is not an homage to the Joss Whedon space series. When he got hired on, he reportedly asked the producers, "Can I wear a really long coat?"
      - Film projects Tennant discussed that he's NOT in: "I don't think I'm in Harry Potter"; "I think James Bond's taken"; "Apparently I'm in 'The Hobbit.'"(Okay, as denials go, that last one is pretty vague since he's referencing the reports only.)
      - On whether Tennant will return as The Doctor for any special appearances, charity benefits, etc.: "Who knows. The dust has to settle. I don't know, it's the 50th anniversary in 2013, isn't it? I dunno. That's not making an announcement. There's no plan. Don't Twitter that! That's not a thing! Yet!"
      - Stealing something from the "Doctor Who" set: "One of the jackets is missing ... a sequence in the finale one of the jackets gets slightly compromised. So eBay is being scoured, but it wasn't me."

      Can confirm:
      - Tennant as the 10th Doctor will be in an upcoming "Sarah Jane Adventures" episode titled "The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith."
      - He'll also appear as the villainous woman-hating Lord Pomfrey in the upcoming UK-release film "St. Trinian's II: The Legend of Fritton's Gold."
      - The panel's Comic-Con appearance will be documented in an upcoming "Doctor Who Confidential."

      Except for those little tidbits, the remainder of the panel was just a lovefest for the longevity of "Doctor Who" (including a presentation of a Guinness World Records award for it being the most successful science fiction show on TV), the show's integrity ("It's the same show and the story continues I'm playing the same man that William Hartnell was playing. I just have a slightly different wig.") and The Doctor's ubiquity in the UK ("You go to the supermarket and your face is on a cake and a t-shirt and children's pants.").

      As for the as-yet untested 11th doctor, Matt Smith, Tennant reassured fans, "I've chatted him out a couple times. .. he's clearly going to brilliant, which is annoying. He's bright and normal and down to earth. He doesn't need any help from me. You'll cry along with us, then a few weeks later you'll think Matt Smith is the greatest thing that's ever been. I'm proud to be handing it over in good health."

      A few minutes of "Water of Mars," which will be the next special to air after "Planet of the Dead," were shown at the end of the panel in order to let the panelists make a getaway unnoticed. The footage looks to be one of the more creepy installments of The Doctors' adventures.

      "Planet of the Dead," co-starring Michelle Ryan as the adventuresome Lady Christina, airs Sunday, July 26 at 8 p.m. ET on BBC America.

      Source: Zap2IT

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