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      Comic-Con - Movie List
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      Thanks to FilmSchoolRejects for the following.

      * District 9 (7pm, Location unknown)
      * Mystery Team (8pm Horton Plaza)
      * Ninja Assassin (Location and time unknown)
      * Trick R Treat (9:30pm, Ballroom 20)

      * Ponyo (8:00pm, Location Unknown)
      * Angel of Death (9pm, Rm 6A – No need for tickets)
      * Spike & Mike Animated Shorts (10pm. Rm 6BCF – No need for tickets)
      * Thirst (9pm Gaslamp Stadium 15)
      * Zombie Girl (7pm, Rm. 26AB – No need for tickets)

      * Inglourious Basterds (8pm, Reading Gaslamp – follow @theRealBasterds on Twitter for instructions on getting tickets)
      * Watchmen: Director’s Cut Blu-Ray Live Commentary recording by Zack Snyder (8:30pm, Rm. 6BCF – No need for tickets)
      * Give ‘Em Hell Malone (10pm, Rm. 6DE – No need for tickets)

      That might not be the full list, but it’s most of them.

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